virtual machines

I’ve gotten Virtual Box and VMware Server both installed under x86_64 11.0, and installed Win2003Server under both, but Virtual Box only lets Windows see 1 CPU and VMware lets it see 2 CPUs. Does anyone know of a good Virtual application that runs under openSuSE that will allow Windows to see more CPUs? Win2003server can handle 8, and the Enterprise edition at least 16, so the more the better (I have 16 CPUs on my workstation).


I guess I may have answered my own question - it turns out Xen is the only system that appears to support assigning an arbitrary number of CPUs to a virtual machine - at least this is true for paravirtualization of Linux… I don’t have processors that support full virtualization, so I can’t test Windows, has anyone done that - assigned more than 2 CPUs to a windows install under Xen Full Virtualization? WinServer2003 supports 8-16 CPUs and so Xen may have a huge advantage over other approaches for some applications, such as highly multithreaded processes.