Virtual machine with 12.1 - which is better virtualbox or vmware player?

Is there any advantages to using virtualbox or vmware player if you want to install opensuse 12.1 as a virtual machine? The host OS is windows 7 64-bit.

Don’t think there are any real differences specific to your host/guest configuration, other than the general differences between VB and VM that can be researched through Google. I’d suggest Virtualbox as better supported if you run into any issues, unless you want to fork out on the full version of VM.

I have both, the full VM workstation 7.x and VB - now I am more sufficient in linux so I only use VB for minor additional tasks; a year ago when I was more depedent on windows used VM 7.1 and worked fine with virtual win7x64 and heavy programs

for everyday tasks I would recommend VB