Virtual Console Practicalities

Ok, I’ve read this: Virtual Consoles in Linux

Are there any other practical uses of the Virtual Console?

Switch to a virtual console whenever X doesn’t respond, log in and kill X from here, for example.
Log in as a different user or root in a another console to perform some task, other example.
Switch to a virtual console and start another X session (has to be on another screen), other example.
Install a video driver from console when it’s not possible under X (which would propably imply to kill X first), among other examples.

Super duper!

I found today in the morning an inciting app (well, inciting to me…) called fbi. It does NOT work on pseudo tty-s (such as xterm or konsole or yakuake), only on Linux native virtual console, but using the Linux framebuffer it allows you to see jpeg/png files directly from CLI. So just CTRL+ALT+F(2/3/4…) and then

fbi /location/of/my/jpeg/file

…there you go, the image is displayed.

Also, I’m a huge fan of elinks, which lets me navigate the Internet without being distracted by ads.