Virtual Box Install

One thing about many of the virtualization methods. Most require special CPU instruction sets and many low end processors do not support them. So look at your hardware and see if it supports the VM manager you are installing. A celeron is not going to cut it. Also you do need some memory 1 gig min, I recommend 2 or more for smooth operation.

right say! i think the thread creator may have some issues with his hardware! The processor should have at least para-virtualization support… if full virtualization may not be there!

Ok, I finally got it to work. I added the opensuse
community repository for VB and installed it through the software manager.

My problem was not hardware related. I have a quad core processor and 12 GB of RAM. I think the problem had to do with the complicated RAID setup of my machine. It is a 2x2 10 RAID array.

When I tried the OSE edition, it failed saying it could not find libxml2 and other packages I knew were installed. Anyways, the community repo version installed fine without any problems.


glad to be informed that your virtualization worked. :slight_smile:
keep in touch. have a nice time!

RAID can cause all sorts of odd problems. IMHO RAID is for servers (ie stable little changing environments) Desktops opens too many places for odd problems.