virtual box doesn't work or do anything

I installed virtual box ose and when I click it, nothing. nothing happens at all.

a couple of games I got, hexen and quake do the same thing. I wonder if this is all connected in some way.

Try to open up a Konsole and give the command by its name.
Guess who or some error messages should appear.
Linux is a program that starts talking when something goes wrong, but this is only valid when the program starts from a console.

Hope this helps.

sorry, I forgot to preface with the word “noob”

can you tell me how to “give the command by it’s name”?


you open a program by:

  1. key combo ALT+F2
  2. type: konsole
  3. type in the konsole-window
    the name of the program you like
    to run (e.g. virtualbox)

Note 1: if you don’t know the app’s
full name type the first characters
and see how it is completed by
pressing TAB once or twice.

Note 2: maybe you have to type:
VirtualBox. Linux differs between
lower case and capitals!!!

I use gnome. so Konsole is not a valid command, or so it says.

Start gnome-terminal instead and do what was said before :slight_smile:

The VirtualBox kernel driver (vboxdrv) has to load at boot. Additionally, your user has to be added to the vboxusers group.

As for your games, if the executable does not have permission to execute, they won’t start. I’m assuming you installed your graphics card driver.

Same thing happened to me. What you need to do is open Super User mode in the terminal.

go to terminal, type su, hit enter, type root password, hit enter, type VirtualBox, hit enter - and it starts up

VirtualBox doesn’t have to be run as superuser when installed correctly.

Really, this is not the way to go. Like said above, when installed correctly it will run. Follow the setup guide on the VirtualBox site.

Running vbox as superuser once locks you out this way. The easy way to fix this is as follows:

su to root and type in the following command:

rm -R /tmp/.vbox-xxx-ipc/

where xxx is your username or possibly root!

I can add that this problem has been fixed in the latest release 2.1.4!