virtual box and windows xp oem activation problem

my oem serialkey is not working because of the information from DMI/SMBIOS. :: View topic - XP activation with licence but without key

i just want to ask if anyone has been able to install the oem xp in dell inspiron and activated it without any problem. and how?

I have the serial keys and when i try to use it shows activation error. i called dell support and they say that xp wont ask me for any serial keys during or after the installation. and i do agree coz. it never asked in while i installed in dual boot.

the problem is virtualbox freezes while dell starts installing and tweaking, after the installation (just before login). and it might be because of wrong DMI/SMBIOS.

I cannot say for VBox, but have managed to do such installs of OEM ver. of xp home for friends on a different machine than the original.

You need to be able to get to the new xp desktop though.
Activation keys are different from serial keys, as you probably realize. In all instances, I think I did it via telephone, but may have also done it online. Can’t remember the exact process. You will end up getting a new seral key to get a new activation key.

However, your problem is likely due to the usual loads of rubbish Dell ship with the original PC, and of course it’s not finding what it expected to find - and it’s having a bit of a wobbly. Not really sure what you can do - And, having basically given up totally on M$ myself - not used it proper for years now. I have become a bit vague in my recollection.

i am trying with a little old version of xp sp1 installation and use my serial keys. I have made one of the same type of installation from that installation DVD a “Genuine” copy by just inserting genuine serial key ( on my friend’s computer). My serial key is original so … lets hope it works well with it.

I am trying it now. I will be posting the result, if it works for other xp cd (not the one shipped by dell).