Virtual Box 2.0.6 does not seem compatible with 11.1

when attempting to pull down teh latest and greates Virtual box application 2.0.6, and up grade in the open Suse 11.1 environ…I get he following :

VirtualBox-2.0.6_39765_openSUSE11-1.i586.rpm could not be installed.

Subprocess failed. Error: RPM failed: error: Failed dependencies: is needed by VirtualBox-2.0.6_39765_openSUSE11-1.i586

When attempting to find (… it does not exist anywhere I look.

Any idea how to solve this for user of VirtualBox on the new 11.1 version of suse.

Note: current version of Virtual Box 2.0.4 works great…just can’t update to new 2.0.6 version.

I think we have python2.6. I have had that problem while installing something else, can’t remember what. It needed <=python2.5 and wouldn’t compile with it.

I have not tried 2.0.6 yet. If you have some time to spend on that, you could try to install python2.5 and see if it works. Keep 2.6 too.

I have the latest Virtual box (2.0.6) running on 11.1. I installed from the Sun binary.

Sun binary is the .run package, or the .rpm? The .run is for all architectures and distros, if I recall.

me also no problem. the issue with usb also gone

I used the .run on 11.1.

Previous I have used the sun .rpm on a 10.3 PC.

I had the same issue, it still works with 2.6 though, download the RPM and install it with no deps from the terminal. assuming you don’t have any other dependency issues it will install and run fine.

I installed from the command line as root on both my desktop and laptop with no hiccups.