Virtuabox problems.

For the last week, Plasma 5 isn’t displaying Virtualbox in seamless mode properly. Have checked updates, cleaned up repositories, and performed a zypper dup and an update. Vbox has been uninstalled, rebuilt, upgraded with extensions packages, and guest updates have been applied as well. No steps have resolved this problem, and I can’t tell if it’s a VBox problem, or a Plasma 5 problem. Nothing obvious in logs, which leads me to believe it’s a Plasma redraw issue.


Running Windows 7 64-bit in seamless mode should pop up a start bar just above the panel, and does. Problem is, it’s solid grey. Any open windows seem to be malfunctioning, diplaying artifacts that prevent you from seeing what SHOULD be displayed, as if they’re picking up something previous from the desktop framebuffer instead of redrawing properly. Moving the window moves the artifacts around, and does not redraw.

Switching back to Full screen mode, or any other “windowed” mode, works just fine…it’s only Seamless that screws up.

Perhaps this is a Vbox issue with linux, but I don’t remember any vbox update just before this happened, but I do know that the new SUSE splashscreen and a plasma update occurred right before this—Hence, why I’m looking at Plasma.

Anyone else having this? Any thoughts? Thank you…

There is an OpenSUSE Virtualisation forum.

You should explain which version of VirtualBox you are using. If from the Tumbleweed-oss repo, which snapshot are you using, and did ypu ‘zypper dup’ to ensure build consistency?

VBox and Guest additions versions match? I’ve had similar problems with mismatched versions, when the difference between versions is large.

the extensions and guest additions both changed on TW around a week ago so double check consistency

Yep, I’ve gone through those, it was one of the first concerns, making sure that the build matched the modules matched the extensions matched the additions…and even forced a vbox modules rebuild for it, just to make sure things were kosher.

It’s a puzzler…but thank you—I just rechecked this morning, and everything matches out of the oss repository…sigh

Yikes…I thought I was in the right forum with Applications…didn’t know I was in the wrong spot…

Thank you, and my apologies…I’ll throw this info in over there…

Note what ncd33 suggested, as the extensions are not in the repos, you have to download from Oracle IINM.

> as the extensions are not in the repos, you have to download from Oracle IINM.

on my system i can go to ‘file’-> ‘check for updates’ which will then download the correct extensions automatically, if new ones are available. Once inside the VM if i go to insert guest additions CD (i think this is the name) it will automatically download the additions.