virt-manager won't connect to remote host


The situation:
I have set up my server so that it runs a Xen kernel (no guest domains yet - however, that’s going to change once I have a means to do so), but any attempt to connect with virt-manager fails.
When I try to connect with virsh this is immediately successful (xen+ssh), with SSH properly requesting the key passphrase for SSH authentication (I switched SSH from password to RSA key authentication for security reasons).

Unfortunately virt-manager doesn’t seem to have an option to provide the passphrase (if it has, I haven’t discovered it so far, and providing it together with the user name didn’t help, either).

The question here is how I can get virt-manager to connect to the remote libvirtd. As it looks, the problem here is its inability to query the passphrase.

Although the following link is for KVM, the exact same methods would apply equally to managing other supported virt technologies like Xen.
openSUSE 12.3: Chapter 6. Connecting and Authorizing

If you have a problem working with the info, post again.


Thanks. I finally got the remote connection working (TCP/SASL neatly did the job).