vim modeline security --- SuSE flaw

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i810 kernel module not installed with x11-drivers-video for 845 – using default installed xorg.conf.install config file.

vim modelines supressed by default because of security concerns.
SuSE should never install a default resource file for vim e.g. /etc/vimrc. The default vim user home directory should always be used.

All programs should always use default resource files in /etc/ unless ~/.resource exists.

You’re making no sense.

What doesn’t make any sense?

SuSE disables vim modeline (Modeline magic - Vim Tips Wiki) by default due to security concerns — do a web search on “vim modeline vulnerability.” So, if it such a concern, either install nvi for a default vi clone, or install vim, and don’t install a /etc/vimrc or put a default .vimrc in the home directory. My solution was to simply delete /etc/vimrc.

As for the 845 chip issue, get yourself an old piece of **** dell inspiron 1100 and try to install SuSE with barebones X with openbox. X won’t work out of the box unless you use the crappy default xorg.conf the install used. I can’t seem to find the i810 driver.

If it doesn’t make sense, then please explain why.

you do know, i guess, that you can set up vim any old way you
wish…if you don’t like the default then change it…

otherwise thanks for the input…

but, if you were aiming to make input to the openSUSE or SLES or SLED
developers you missed by a mile…they almost never ever come here…

you can catch them in one of several ways:

make a feature request (set up vim right) here:

make a bug report (vim is set up wrong) here:

catch them on a mail list or IRC channel, pick from many here:

as for your 845 chip issue, good luck with intel…their talk is the
best part of their support of Linux…

and, Have a lot of fun!


i810 has been deprecated for quite some time now - this was done “upstream” and has nothing to do with SuSE.