Viewer for .gv and/or .xml files created by yast partitioner: graphviz?

I’ve tried a lot of things, but can’t open files with .gv or .xml extensions criated by Yast Partitioner, which are vector descriptions of graphics showing the mount points structure. I can see them in the partitioner itself, but cant open the generated files elsewhere.
Searching the web it seems that they would open with graphviz (from AT&T), but although the graphviz package (from the main repo) is installed, there is no graphviz executable.
Short of doing a lot of screen captures and stitching the together, I don’t now how to view them.

How can I display them?


When the suffix .xml convenes the message that the contents of this file is Extensible Markup Language, then about the best you can do is use a text editor. XML is a general format used for many descriptions. Many programs use XML structure for e.g. their configuration files. And XML is used for many other things. Thus it depends on what your XML describes if there is some program for which it has more significance then just tags and values. It could e.g. be used as an export/import format for some program, which would then mean that only that program will “understand” it.

Go to yast partitioner and generate the map. You’ll see a block diagram of the mount points. This is output to the .gv and .xml files. It seems obvious that a specific interpreter is necessary to visualize the diagram outside the partitioner. That’s what I was looking for, to assist in upgrading one of my boxes to 15.4. I hope that is clearer.

These files are for for exchanging info. In your case - copy layout to another machine.
You can open XML with web browsers, LibreOffice, Kate, etc.
GV files are pictures in graphviz format, text with formatting. Kate, LibreOffice or other viewer may help.

IMHO you can open these files during installation process. Or you can automate installation process with them.


zypper se graphviz

GVEdit as the simplest solution:

zypper in graphviz-gvedit

Run it as gvedit.

I Thought so too, but if so it was not obvious when partitioning for LEAP 15.4.

As I mentioned above, I thought there would be a vector graphics viewer for these files, similar to Inkscape (for svg), dia or even LO Draw. Both gv and xml files are just text files.

I wanted a visual reference for the mount points, and ended up making a number of screen captures at zoomed-in parts of the diagram (the full view was too small to be readable), and stitched them together in Gimp.

Yes, that works. Thanks, Svyatko!