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I had a notice for six updates this afternoon. After I looked at them and determined them to be rather innocuous I decided to install them since they were all marked as Security related.

I then logged out to boot into my Windows partition to do some clean-up that I couldn’t do from openSUSE. Once I was finished and booted back into openSUSE I found I couldn’t access my Windows files anymore. The partition mounts to /windows/C but I can’t access anything under that directory.

Now I’d like to figure out what I installed (because I didn’t take that close a note of it) so I can roll them back in hopes of fixing the issue. Is there a way to see what I recently updated either via the rpm command or through YaST?


Post here the contents of


Upon rebooting a second time all seems to work. I am once again able to access my Windows partition. I’m still curious about the original question, though. Is it possible to determine which packages were recently updated?

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