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If I make this selection, I am taken to a page called conversation between <username> and <selfname>, which is primarily a “Leave Comment” textarea titled “Post New Visitor Message”. If I type something there, then click “Post Message”, the following is the result:

The following errors occurred with your submission

BB code email is not allowed.

1-What is BB code email?

2-What can I do to cause “Post Message” to succeed?

I tried that (with “mrmazda” ) as the user.

I entered a trivial message. Clicked post. And it seem to indicate that this had worked. But nothing shows up in either private messages or in email. I don’t know if it showed up as email for you.

I think my forum settings allow email from administrators but not from anyone else. That might be involved.

Of course, the fact that I am a moderator may give me extra permissions for this.

Perhaps this is a forum software feature that has not been tested.

I did the same here with a hyperlink to this thread and the same error message occured. After removing the hyperlink it seemed to have passed.


I don’t know…

I found the “conversation” messages you two sent. I guess “BB code” must mean anything to do with what would result in something clickable, either email address or web link or ??? Can both of you two see the messages the other of you two sent me? I’m puzzled what these conversations’ purpose is supposed to be. Personal bulletin board maybe? Corollary to an off-topic mailing list?

I can see only the message that I sent. And I can only see it with that same “View conversations” link.

The term “BB code” is often used in forum software, to refer to use a code word in brackets (such as with CODE tags). I take “BB” to be derived from “bulletin board”, but I could be mistaken about that.

Yes, BB code is the make-up code used for Bulletin boards (a bit like HTM codeL). The CODE tags are one example of a BB code. They are more or less standardized (and thus not VB specific), but not all bulletin board systems have implemented all I assume.
This is a list as valid on our forums: (I bookmarked it when I stumbled into it once, thus I do not know how to find it easy). Most often people do not use them directly, they are created by the buttons above to compose area of a post.

I guess th message is (should be) given when BB codes are in the messaghe, because it is not easy, or at least not implemented, to translate BB codes into plain text mails.

The above is of course just an explanation of BB code, not an explanation of the original question. A feature I never used.

FAQ - Board FAQ - Reading and Posting Messages - Posting New Messages - How do I format my posts and messages? (link at the end)


Those sequences of clicks always look very “logical” when presented afterwards. But when you are not even aware something like that exists, I doubt people will ever arrive there. That is why I said that stumbled in it once a long time ago, probably by incidence. And found it worth enough to keep as bookmark.

And then again, at a moment like this, I have to remember that I maybe made a bookmark long ago, but where is it???

Not sure if it’s still of interest. I can see nrickert’s

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