Videoediting in linux?


im new to Linux and openSUSE, for school i need a edited movie.
I tried to edit it in Windows, but it dont accepts .mp4 >:(
Can i edit, cut and whatelse my vids in linux, so that windows they can read properly (like .avi file)?


Take a look at this URL:
Video editing - openSUSE

I’m surprised thou, that Windows can not handle this. IMHO typically the Video editors for both Window and MacIntosh tend to be superior to those in Linux.

avidemux will convert the file

will edit

both in Packman repo

Index of /pub/linux/misc/packman/suse/11.0

If he’s using Vista one has to go get some sort of plugin & an .exe I don’t remember what it was. I had vista on this PC for about a month. My PC came with it so I tried it out just to test compatibility. The oddest thing I remember was Vista without the apps can’t even read .wmvs & AFAIK isn’t that one of their babies?
No matter to me I’m using Opensuse.
Back to topic one can also try avidemux that too is in the repos.

Hi I cannot install kdenlive on my opensuse 11.3 machine. I have tried searching in opensuse download and triad installing from pacman repo.

when I tried pacman repo in yast, I get a dependency window but the only options are -do not install kdenlive and -break kdenlive

any ideas as to what is the problem?

Grab openshot. It is in the packman repo and it works very well.

Please provide the output of the command:

zypper lr -d

and please provide a screen print of the EXACT error that you get.

Try Avidemux. It seems better for the task at hand than Kdenlive anyway. You probably just need to save your file(s) with a different container format (.avi instead of .mp4, right?).

ETA: ^^^That was not supposed to be a solution to your installation problems.

It is important to know what mp4 format is eg. 1080i or 1080p. My video camera produces 1080i.
Openshot work out of the box, recognising 1080i
KDEnlive, I had to create the profile. KDEnlive has more option than Openshot. Both work for me.
I found Avimux good for cutting scenes.

cheers from oz