I will do my best to explain what is happening by telling you what I am doing!

First up I have 3 videos that I wish toconvert and burn to a single layer dvd. I have used mandvd to import and convert as well as create the menus! So far so good, the reulting iso is over 5 gig long. Not a problem I will use xDVDshrink to shrink it down. That works, but, when I play the dvd on my set top box, one of the menu items does not work!

I was thinking of using kino and dvd styler combo but I have a slight problem with kino in that it seems to want to put black bars top and bottom, hence, me using mandvd!

I am using suse linux 11.0 64 bit! Any help will be appreciated as I would like to bin this vista system as the vieo files it creates are huge!

It’s all a bit of a Heath Robinson method you are using. Under the circumstances could you use k9copy on the 5gig .iso to rip it down to a standard 4.7 dvd?

k9copy is in packman

You could burn to a dvd9 for this video. I suspect the cost of a dvd9 is less than the cost of your time to work around this.

I typically ensure my videos are already small/reduced, before I send them to a program such as mandvd.

In case someone does not know how Heath Robinson solved problems:
Sorry, I could not resist.