I am a brand new user of openSuse, I have used other distributions (Ubuntu) once for a short time… not enough to really learn. The install was easy enough.

I am having a video problem with Suse. I have an ATI video card. Can someone spell out plainly what I need to do to get smoother and faster scrolling? My web experience is very jerky and slow. Is there an ATI driver that covers most cards? I am not certain about the particular model of a video card I have.

I can NOT help with tuning your ATI card/driver. But I can help you identify what card you have.

Open a Gnome=Terminal or a KDE konsole and type:
**su -c ‘sax2 -p’**and that should tell you what card

The video card I have is ATI RV280 5964

Can you help me now?

ATI - openSUSE

I am running openSuse. Are you telling me that I have the right driver installed? I don’t understand your post.

No. I’m not telling you that. How could I know what driver you have installed, if you have not told me? Do you know what driver is being used on your PC ?

In case you do not know how to find out - then one way to find out what driver your xorg.conf file is trying to use, is to type in a gnome-terminal or kde-konsole:
grep -i driver /etc/X11/xorg.confnote linux is case senstive

To repeat what I stated in my first post, I can NOT help with tuning your ATI card/driver. If I was in your position, and if I did not have the best driver, I would surf the web looking for a how-to for installing the ATI driver on openSUSE.

Further to my last post, typically, based on the little that I know, your driver could be:

  • vesa (this is obviously the vesa driver)
  • radeon (I think this is the free opensource “openGL” driver)
  • fglrx (I think this is the proprietary ATI driver < not sure > . Typically (but not always) the proprietary ATI driver is supposed to have superior performance

A simple guide for installing the ati driver is here:
ATI Installer HOWTO for SUSE/Novell users

It states quite clearly it works with a RADEON 9250 (RV280 5960)

But the above is from surfing, and NOT from experience. As I have already stated, I can NOT help with tuning your ATI card/driver.

“No. I’m not telling you that. How could I know what driver you have installed,”

First, I know squat, (I said that already) and I want to learn.

Secondly, “ATI - openSuse” is not a complete sentence, and communicates nothing to me. I was looking for clarification. Thanks.

Just keep asking for help here, and someone with ATI experience will chime in. I’m offering the best that I can.

If you click on “ATI - openSuse” you will see it is a very comprehensive “HOW-TO” guide with not only installation information, but also tuning information.

I think after clicking on that, it is rather intuitively obvious that it is a “HOW-TO”.

Again, good luck with your efforts.

Doh!! I didn’t notice that ATI -openSuse was a link!

My apologies! Thanks.