Video unwatchable at 120hz.

Good day. On 120hz and 144hz monitors videos seem to frame skipping and they are unwatchable. The same happens if you combine downed 60hz with fast response times. Also Vsync in games gives slow results like 15fps visuals, except if it’s synchronized exactly (like 60fps consisted on 120hz). The last isn’t happening for videos tho, tested with SVP4 even with 120fps motion interpolation, just unwatchable. Happens on both Polaris and Vega with Mesa 19 and over HDMI, i will test with DP in a few days.

Also is there a way to test Freesync and Rocm on Opensuse Tumbleweed?

Update: If you have fast monitor 120Hz+, do not enable TearFree via xorg.cong.d. If your compositor does that then change it or change compositor, simple Vsync is fine on my Xfce default compositor. This solves any possible game issues. 24-30Fps videos are still Frame-skipping??? With 2-4x Motion_interpolation via Svp4 they seem fine tho. Last my monitor goes back to 60Hz if i do not use it for a wile???