Video thumbs in Dolphin 2.1

I recently upgraded KDE 4.9.2. Since after the upgrade Dolphin can no more thumbnail the videos. I checked the preview section in settings but it has no options for video thumbs. Screenshot:

I tried installing ffmpegthumbnailer, but it said I already have the latest version. Console log:

Then I tried installing kdemultimedia4-thumbnailers but it appears it does not work with the new KDE release. Console log:

That’s the only two thumbnailers I know of, and they do not work.

Here is my Dolphin screenshot, for the sake of completeness:

How do I get the video thumbing capability back?

(Note: I have also posted this problem to but they suggested I post it here.)

su -c 'zypper ref && zypper in kde-mplayer-thumbnailer' 

should do the trick. You may have to logout and back in to effect the changes.

That worked. Thank you. :slight_smile:

Great. Have fun.

from where do you get this package? I don’t have it in my repos.

If you have these you do.
KDE repositories - openSUSE

ha thanks, no I did not upgrade KDE yet!