Video thumbnails possible with Konqueror in 11.3?

Is there a way to enable thumbnails in Konqueror in 11.3? mplayer-thumbs is missing from the repository I noticed.

kffmpegthumbnailer is available (faster than the mplayer-thumbs version anyway) in the packman repo.

Does it require a reboot to take effect? It’s installed but I still just have a icon.

Well even after a reboot after installing the files no joy. I must have done something wrong or this can’t handle .mkv type containers like mplayer-thumbs did.

It can, but you must also have the right ffmpeg binary and/or codecs installed. That is, ffmpeg must be from packman as well.

All I have installed are from Packman.
I must be missing something else.

I have it working in Dolphin now but I had to manually configure it preview by ticking off the “Video Files kffmpegthumbnailer” box under the general settings > previews. Doing the same in Konqueror was not working then I did something relating to applying to new files then went back in and reselected the kffmpegthumbs preview and applied it and the previews worked.

You should be able to add a preview button to the toolbar. I have one.

for video preview you need to add mpalyer and friends.

Thanks for the tips. This has helped me get my thumbnails working.