Video, sound and printer problems in 11.2

I’m very unhappy with openSUSE 11.2. Nvidia GeForce 9400 is’nt working after many many attempts. the same with printer HP LaserJet P1005, and even intergrated sound card is totally dumb.
Never ever had so negative impression on any Linux-distro!
Is it better to wipe it out and forget?
I have Intel Mac, Linux and OSX 10.6.2 on same harddisk.

  • How nicely OSX works, and without any painful work with complicated confuguring! A real UNIX!
  • I really wanted some ideas by some clever Linux-user before I have to kill 11.2.
    P l e a s e !

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Do you install the nVidia driver from nVidia repo? it works for me with
the GeForce 9400, what sound card do you have???

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For your sound, try working your way through the openSUSE audio troubleshooting guide: SDB:AudioTroubleshooting - openSUSE
… if you find that too complex, and/or it doesn’t work for you, don’t fret and don’t bang your head against the wall.

Instead, please provide the information noted needed (in order to help) from the 2nd half of our multimedia stickie, and provide that information in this thread. That stickie is here: Welcome to multimedia sub-area - openSUSE Forums

I installed one of those a few days ago in oS 11.1. As per HP site instructions, I used hplip (from packman, not from HP) and at printer installation it installed the necessary proprietary firmware.

It’s working perfectly. I can select among numerous print modes, there’s cartridge level indicator, etc. No hassle. Just make sure you have the recommended (or newer) hplip version. Check the site’s instructions.

Curious. For me, either in 11.0, 11.1 or 11.2, all NVidia proprietary driver installations I did (in half a dozen different machines) worked very well.

I never use the 1-click thing, however. I just add the nvidia repo from the community list, install the adequate driver (note that there are currently three versions, chose the right one for your card) from Yast, and reboot. Also note that in oS 11.2 there’s no xorg.conf by default anymore, as detection is automatic.

It’s up to you, of course. I felt that way once, after leaving windows. Today I’m glad I didn’t.

Then you already have some knowledge on linux, it should be much easier for you than it was for me :slight_smile:

Many warm thanks to everybody for good advices! - I shall try to work for a solution some day when having more time.