video problems

Well i’m new to opensuse and i’m liking it so far. I was trying to figure out how to play avi,mp4’s and dvd’s. I have accomplished to get an avi working in totem but not in banshee or mplayer or kaffeine. I can’t seem to get the mp4 player playing or a dvd. All media players come up with an error, whether for a missing codec or no video out.

Like i said i’m new, so if anyone can gently shine some light I’d appreciate it =)

Hello taderazio, welcome to the forum.
You didn’t mention if you have installed the Restricted formats - openSUSE yet. Please do so if you haven’t already and then let us know if it solves your problem or not.

Multi-media and Restricted Format Installation Guide - openSUSE Forums

Well i ran into some problems, had to reinstall opensuse then followed the diections from caf4926. I got the avi and the mp4 files to play in vlc only, but i can’t get the dvd play for me.

Start Yast - Software Repositories and then Add - Community Repositories and then add the following Repositories:

  • VideoLan Repository
  • Packman Repository
    Accept the signatures and then start Sofrware Management.
    Search for and install the following:
  • Libdvdcss
  • W32codec-all
  • Libxine1-codecs

After that update the xine packages and Kaffeine so that you have the Packman versions.
You are done and should be able to play anything.

No need to add Videolan, just do this:

su -c "rpm -Uvh"

Then follow my guide

I followed your guide, dvd an mp4 and avi played in vlc… I get errors with programs like totem don’t know if that is normal or not for it only to work in Vlc. But I am also wondering the easiest way to Rip dvd’s. and if there boxee is available for opensuse.

will do your dvd copying

Totem is a waste of space IMO

I agree with you about Totem, it’s a dead piece of software. Why doesn’t he use kaffeine or Smplayer. The KDE3 Version of kaffeine is the best thing that Linux has for DVD playback. VLC and SMPlayer are very good too.