video problems

I have been using Suse on my laptop since 9.2. I have always had good luck. All of the 11.1 live cd’s and the install dvd will not work properly. When I boot in the video will not recognize my video.

I am not sure may be something with kernel, Fedora and Ubuntu has same problem. I have SIS m760 video. Where would I be able to see if this is a problem or not.


from a command line, have you tried to set a horizontal or vertical sync?

I have a Hyundai monitor that a similar problem occurred on…

I have to fix it with EVERY distro…but in Opensuse, it’s easiest to

sax2 -r 0:1024x768@60

or something similar…man the sax2 command before getting too crazy with this though, most of the options in the man don’t help cause sax2 is great at detection anyway…

Are you trying to install SUSE, or have you already installed it and are having video problems? If you have already installed it, the comment by ajmctaggart should help.

If you are trying to install it and are having problems, there are boot options you can pass. When you boot the full DVD, there is a row of F options at the bottom of the screen. Press F3 and select VESA. Then see what happens. The installer may be trying to guess your video card and guessing wrong.

instal dvd will not boot on startup, md5 was good, disk check is good. have to install windows installer and reboot when I get into linux the screen is all fuzzy, during install all the screens look good, I don’t understand

When you get to the point where you’re “in Linux”
and the screens are all fuzzy, press the keys

That will get you to a console

type in


and then

sax2 -r 0:1280x1024@60

The 0 is your monitor, and the 1280x1024 is your
resolution, change it to whatever you want…

60 is a really low refresh rate, but it may work
if that’s what your monitor or graphics card takes…

if you type

man sax2

there are more options to try…like switching
to a VESA driver to diagnose the problem, etc…

Maybe someone else has better sax2 tips
Here’s the man page…
Index of /man

I had some problems on a SIS 660 chipset, but my thread died unanswered.

Did get a working image using VESA but as of 11.1 SIS support seems to have taken a turn for the worse… so all I can advise is giving vesa a try.