video problems - Vmware & Vbox

I am running OpenSuse 11.2 64 - I have vmware Player and Vbox loaded and working fine - I have XP running in each VM - I have a Creative Live cam and was accessing it in each of the VM’s, because I can’t access it in Suse. This worked very well until recently. I received updates for Suse, one of which was a kernel update - I installed and rebooted. All of a sudden my time to boot took for ever - however- once up and running every thing seemed fine. After a few boots the system started booting normally and the video from my live cam in both VM’s is garbled and and essentially not working right. Video seems to work correctly in all other areas - I removed the creative software and reinstalled in each of my VM’s No change. One last thing - I recently (a week or so before my problems) installed an Nvidia video card. I previously used on board video ( also Nvidia ) I had no problems either in the VM’s or Suse until the kernel update. I have removed Vbox and reloaded and set it up (/etc/init.d/vboxdrv setup) problem still there. any body have an idea?

my OS is:Linux x86_64
new Video is: G96[GeForce 9500 GT] Driver - nvidia

There have been some reports of problems with video after updating 11.2 with the last kernel, although IINM they happen with ATI video.

You might try to revert to the older kernel. There are threads in this forum about this, do a search.