Video previews in Dolphin

Can’t get Dolphin play videos.

Got installed:

  • ffmpegthumbnailer (official Repo)
  • ffmpegthumbs (official Repo)
  • gdk-pixbuf-thumbnailer (official Repo)
  • kdegraphics-thumbnailers (official Repo)
  • libffmpegthumbnaierl4 (official Repo)
  • ffmpeg-4 (packman)

What else do I need?
How can I fix it?

You have the right package which is ffmpegthumbnailer.

Can’t remember if you need to go into dolphin settings and put a tick in the ‘enable video thumbnails’ box. Post back if you need a ‘step-by-step’ guide to do this.

Steps are:

open dolphin

control tab (at top)

2nd to bottom option - configure dolphin

general / previews tab

put a tick in ‘video files (ffmpegthumbs)’

It’s already enabled.