Video Player project help

OK, heres the deal: I’m doing some work for a client online (buying things for them and such)

and they have me buy them a TTDS card for use in thier nintendo DS so they can load ROM’s emulators and videos.

however, I’ve run into a bit of a problem, they asked that I also load a certain ‘.vob’ (or other DVD format) video onto the 4GB miro SD card.

so now you should be kinda understanding what I’m hoping to find applications wise.

I need a system independant video player that can play .vob and other DVD formats, Also it would be a big plus if it could play .m4p, .mp3 audio files ETC.

it needs to be system independant to run on the nintendo DS, and it will have to leave alot of room for the videofiles which are around 1000 MB nearly a GB a peice and theres 3 of them the last and 4th one is only 514MB.

so, space is limited, and it has to be system independant, and has to read DVD formats, so what have we got that fits the bill?

You are not very specific about what your client really does, but as it sounds it would be a good idea to remind him of the GPL or tell us his name so that we can sue him and make a bunch of money.

Other than this mplayer together with ffmpeg can do all you describe but they use up some space. Your best bet will be to code this from scratch in assembler.

The Nintendo DS certainly has a lot of good uses, but I don’t know if it’s powerful enough to play dvd videos.
If youwant a video player that runs on the Nintendo DS, you best bet would indeed be to code it from scratch in assembler.
Besides that, a Nintendo DS forum would certainly be better suited to ask for help for what you want to do.

mplayer and ffmpeg ok… lets see what those are like files size wise…

after that, I don’t know where to get assembler, I typed it in the software search in yast and theres no such program called assembler.

as for my client; what would be the suit to file? they aren’t running anything linux oriented on the DS, and naturally I’d put any documentation and licensing in with installed programs. so…

anyways that’s why it’s gotta be system independant, or rather Operating System independant, the programs have to run without any form of install and have all their libraries and such with them ready to go.

I can’t compile anythign on the DS itself so… it has to transfer previously compiled ETC.