video player issues on a fresh install

Hi there

I did a fresh opensuse11.0_x86_64 installation on my new PC, it has an ASUS M2N-SLI motherboard which uses nvidia nForce 560 SLI chipset. this chipset includes a C_Media CM6501 Like Sound device.
upon finishing the install(GUI=gnome2.2), I ran “codec-gnome.ymp” wizard on the following web page so that it can play videos.
Multimedia - openSUSE-Community

now, the problem is when playing .rmvb video file
smplayer only has sound,but no video output.
realplayer10 only has video, but no sound output.
The sound device seems work fine in other programs ie. audacious plays mp3 fine, watching videos on youtube is also fine.

Does anyone can help me out? thanks in advance.

disable desktop effects!
i had the same problem in kde4.1!
also you can test kmplayer :wink:

I will say never use one click install it has some odd dependency these days… It would have been better if you have done the install from packman using yast… I had the same problem… xine-lib was the culprit but i was not able to get the problem rectified… But i got it to work with smplayer though…

One more thing My mobo as same as yours is the sound OK with ya mobo… I was very pissed with the onboard sound… I use an PCi card now…