Video playback, extremely slow/choppy

I’m running an ASUS M3A78-CM motherboard with onboard graphics (ATI RV610-based Direct x10.0 graphics) - I tink its the 3000 or 3100 series??

Anyways, I have 3GB of DDR2 memory installed and dedicated 128MB of it to the graphics card. I can upgrade to 256MB but I can’t see that being the cause of choppy graphics, as my laptop with 64MB can play video fine with Windows XP.

The app im using to play video is XMBC. I’m running the latest version of openSUSE 11.1 as wella s the XMBC. All my software updates have been completed.

I just wanted to add that video playback in Totem works fine, I just get no audio.

With XBMC I get both, however, the audio is about 10-15 seconds ahead of the video. The video is also choppy/lagging.

SDB:AudioTroubleshooting - openSUSE

Can’t say I’ve used XMBC, but quoting the smplayer faq

MPlayer has several output drivers, for video and sound. SMPlayer allows
you to select the one you want among all of them (Preferences -> General ->

For video it's recommended that you use xv (linux) or directx (windows).
They use hardware acceleration and give the best performance. 

I assume XMBC has a similar function somewhere to select an output filter? If it does, try setting it to xv.
Also if you’re using either KWIN disable the effects, if you’re using Compiz-fusion, disabled it completely.