Video OK but no sound from firefox

Somewhere along the line, sound disappeared from my browser. It was working. I have been following this thread and it has not yielded a positive result. I also installed mmcheck from red dwarf and it worked fine. The only exception was that phonon-vlc and libx264-104 from videolan are installed.

I also found in the firefox about:config with filter to flash:

plugin.disable_full_page_plugin_for_types; application/x-shockwave-flash

Any ideas are welcome

Check your PCM volume control in your mixer. It can go dynamically to zero and mute the sound.

Test after a reboot , before you open any other multimedia application. Sometimes another multimedia application can seize the sound device and not share it.

Also if using KDE, check the order of sound devices in KDE’s Menu > Configure Desktop > Multimedia and ensure it matches the order of sound devices in YaST > Hardware > Sound. This is especially important for users who have multiple sound devices.

PCM and master volumes are ok. I can still play any sound or video file. The problem seems to be when a firefox (and also opera) calls the sound player. I cannot get sound from youtube etc.

Have tested from reboot - no difference

The kde settings say HDA VIA VT82xx (AD198xAnalog) and yast gives VT1708/A (Azalia HDAC) ( VIA High Definition Audio Controller) not configured ATI technologies Inc

In my previous post, I mentioned that all was working OK until maybe an update came along and caused the problem.

I can not picture what you mean here. How about a image dump of both, and paste it on ImageBam - Fast, Free Image Hosting and Photo Sharing and then post here the URL to the pix (or the thumbnails) so that we can better understand what you mean.

It would help if you could be more explicit as to what update? Do you know the approximate date/time of the update? You can get a chronological list of all update by typing in a terminal:

rpm -qa --last > myrpms.txt

and then with a text editor (gedit or kwrite) open up myrpms.txt and see what rpm was installed at the approximate time the problem occured.

No point in posting myrpms.txt here, as we do not know what time this problem started.

Hi Oldcpu
Here is the image

I am not quite sure what happened to cause the problem, as about the same time (about 3 weeks ago) that a power failure caused my monitor to pack up and we had to install a new one which needed a graphic card (previously onboard grahics) and so we installed a radeon card.

I am not sure where to find the myrpms.txt file after running that command.

If you run that command with the terminal prompt in /home/alastario, it will be in /home/alastario.

If you run it with the terminal prompt in /home/alastareo/Documents, it will be in /home/alastareo/Documents

if you run it with the terminal prompt in /home/alastareo/Video it will be in /home/alastareo/Video

… does that make it more clear?

That command is simple to understand.

The “rpm” command allows one to do many things with the rpm database, including installing rpms, removing rpms, and querying the rpm database.

By specifying the argument " -qa" we are specifying " -q " (ie query) and “a” for “all” documents. By specifying " --last" we are tell the command to then list all documents that come from the " -qa" (query all) in chronological order from the last document installed. ie

rpm -qa --last

but if you just type the above, it will scoll by your screen so fast you will NOT be able to see it all.

So rather than have it displayed on the screen, we tell Linux to redirect the output, and do NOT send the output to the screen, but instead send the output to a file, in this case the arbitrary name that I made up “myrpms.txt”. Instead we could have used the name “thisisasunnyday.txt” with the command:

rpm -qa --last > thisisasunnyday.txt

and then you simply go to the SAME directory in which your terminal prompt is currently, and you will find the file thisisasunnyday.txt.

Hopefully that helps explain this very simple functionality.

Do you get sound from applications OTHER than your browser?

Yes - all other apps work ok video, mp3 flv wav etc

I assume you are not using digital audio.

Are desktop start/shutdown sounds working ? What audio backend have you selected to use in your desktop ? Gstreamer? Xine? If xine, then assuming you have xine-ui installed, does xine play audio files ok ?

Desktop start / shutdown sounds OK.
Backend is vlc (have tried xine)
Xine does play music files
Only problem is firefox.
In my original post I had :

plugin.disable_full_page_plugin_for_types; application/x-shockwave-flash
This worries me, as it does not appear on my other machine.
I am going to try re-installing firefox after saving bookmarks and removing all configuration data in the /home/.mozilla/ folder - I will post back result.

So I did a complete new firefox, but it did not help. I have since restored the bookmarks etc to the new one.

Do you get desktop startup/shutdown sounds? I have a suspicion the problem may not be firefox, but rather may be audio output mode specified in your desktop. Note most multimedia applications do NOT use the desktop’s default settings, but rather they have their own setup menu’s and they use their own selection.

If you get both start/shutdown sound, then that debunks my theory. If you get only startup, then my theory is still valid.

Hi Oldcpu

Yes checked and as opposed to what I said in the previous post, the startup and shutdown do not play. (I was certain that I heard them - but I was wrong, my apologies)

In Systemsettings - Multimedia, check the listing of the audio devices. Yast reporting a different card then KDE is no good.
Also, check the origin of other multimedia packages. There might be more from videolan, a mix of Packman and videolan provided packages usually brings trouble

I used mmcheck from vlc and it reports that I have 2 packages (other than libdvdcss) installed from videolan. These are libx264-104 and phonon-vlc.

Could these be a problem. I don’t see a similar package at packman.

All other multimedia is from packman

In Systemsettings - Multimedia, all the settings are the same device order : notifications, music, video communication games accessability

What release of VLC are you using?

vlc 1.1.4-2pm

This suggests to me the problem is a desktop configuration problem, as the startup/shutdown sounds will use the same configuration as firefox.

I have read reports of vlc locking up the sound driver for use.

Try this, … reboot your pc. Then immediately after boot, with root permissions restart your sound driver with ‘rcalsasound restart’ (no quotes) [don’t keep any of the past KDE configurations if asked in a dialog box] and then launch firefox and test youtube. … I’m trying to see if vlc as a backend locks your audio device during start up and refuses to share it with any other desktop application.

Also in a separate test, try for a while with xine as your desktop backend, and see if that makes a difference. You can tune xine settings using the xine-ui (with both packman packaged xine and xine-ui installed) … with xine-ui installed just type ‘xine’ and then go to settings in xine and select ‘master of the known universe’ restart xine and try a different xine output audio mode. Once that is in place (say you selected OSS in xine) then restart your destkop and see if it makes a difference.

You could try phonon-backend-vlc from one of the OBS repos for example here. The repo (stable version) listed last now gives an error, so you would need to pick one of the others, but I cannot advise which. At least these are all openSUSE repos, rather than the videolan one. IIRC, other users have had audio probs with the latter.

Could be worth a try.