Video, no sound, but sound working

4.3.0 beta 2 on 11.1

Amarok works

vlc plays video but no sound
xine plays video but no sound

Mplayer plays video but gets upset, reports error

[AO_ALSA] Unable find simple control ‘PCM’,0

following the “ten rules”

Thoughts gratefully received:)

check the audio output mode in vlc. If set to auto or pulse, try setting it to oss or alsa. I recommend you ensure you have the packman packaged vlc and packman packaged libffmpeg0 and dependencies (and not the videolan packaged versions). Mixing packman and videolan rpms often breaks things like sound.

For mplayer, install the front end smplayer from packman, and via smplayer try either oss or alsa output audio mode.

For xine, ensure you install the packman packaged libxine1 and xine-ui and then in xine try either oss or alsa output audio mode.

Thank you for replying

no effect

My “10 things” list show they are all packman

oss, alsa, alsa (0.0 - NVidia nForce2), alsa (0.2 - NVidia nForce2) - none make a difference


Amarok is using NVidia nForce2 with ALC650F in preference to PulseAudio or Jack or ESD or ARts - and after all the fiddling about is still working.

Is there not an option for OSS or alsa api in the output audio mode of the applications you are using?

Also check, that no other application has seized the audio device and is not letting it go.

Try after a fresh reboot (before launching amarok or firefox or other web browser) to see if you can get vlc or xine working.



Also, flash/youtube exhibits the same problem, even after the reinstall suggested by another thread

Looks like there’s something wrong with your ALSA. Please read one of old_cpu’s posts/topics on audio trouble.
You can also try to remove pulseaudio. Ask yes to other pulseaudio packages. Reboot and try again.

If not, use the multimedia repos old_cpu suggests.