Video lagging


I’m trying to watch my GoPro videos, and it keeps lagging. top shows 300% CPU usage. I’ve tried with Kaffeine, VLC and SMPlayer. I also want to edit those videos to a short clip, but kdenlive is giving me same results as well.
I’m running openSUSE 13.2 on my Asus UX-31a laptop, with 4GB ram and intel U3317 processor (2 cores), and intel 4000 graphics card. I’ve been editing videos on windows with no issues so I don’t think hardware has anything to do with it.
GoPro Videos are rendered at 1080p@50fps (PAL).

Can you enlighten me of what the problem is?


Does the same file play OK in windows VLC?

If so, it might be an issue with the intel video driver in linux.

do you have libvdpau_va_gl1 installed?
intel has issues with VDPAU, goto yast see if it’s installed, if it is remove it.
Intel graphic cards don’t support VDPAU their indirect support with libvdpau_va_gl1 use VA-API, but vlc has native VA-API support, see

Yes, it’s OK on windows.

What you suggested is my suspicion too. Any way of overcoming this?

That helped!!
CPU is still raging to over 100 when playing a video, but finally it plays without lagging.

I’ll try and edit those videos now and see if it’s possible to do so without my CPU exploding.


check and see if you have libva installed, or just zypper it

sudo zypper in libva

then run


and see what your intel chip supports in terms of hardware accelerated video decoding and encoding.
about playback vlc does have va-api support
To enable hardware acceleration do:
Tools -> Preferences -> Input & Codecs, under Hardware-accelerated decoding select Video Acceleration (VA) API
about smplayer do:
Options -> Preferences -> General -> Video, set Output driver to vaapi.