video in skype with kde 4

I have a problem with video in skype using Kde 4. I can see other people’s webcam, and I can send them my webcam, but I can’t see what they see. The place where my image is supposed to appear only shows a trasparent rectangle (I can see my wallpaper there instead of me).

With KDE 3.5 and Opensuse 10.3 I don’t have this peoblem, only with kde 4.1 and opensuse 11

i’ve a similar problem,i’ve never had previous kde versions,but with kde 4 i see nothing,i think it’s a kde/video card problem(or better i hope because if not…i 've not idea),did you change anything during two versions installation?

i have kde3.5 and my video shows only direct strong lightotherwise it’s so dark that nobody can see me (or i see myself)

I’ve had various video problems in skype, but for the most part, it’s quite usable.

Instead of a transparent rectangle where my video ought to be, I sometimes get a blue rectangle; but it has gone away recently.

Assuming that your video settings are correct, and you don’t have any compiz, etc, going, then you could try another distro or desktop environment–but I doubt it will help.

What I could find was two things:

  1. Accelerated x11 video is key; and while I might have it, it might not be exactly what skype is expecting (this is a known problem they list on their site)

  2. Some problems are a result of the version of qt that opensuse 11.0 uses. If you download the static version of their software from their site, you might notice some improvements. I gained back lost buttons along the bottom of the window.

Post back if you find anything.

When Skype behaves funny it is almost always related to the qt4 libraries. Probably qt4 was “upgraded” (which almost always fixes somethings in skype and breaks other things) with kde 4.1. Try downloading and installing the static rpm and see if it fixes the problem.