Video in Pidgin


I have installed Pidgin. I have created an account. I have added a buddy. - everything with gmail

I can chat (text) with my buddy but no video/audio

How can I use Pidgin to talk and video using gmail account settings?


AFAIK it is impossible. For talk and video You need to use an internet browser and the google plugin.

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I’m very surprised because I have seen several Internet references on Pidgin Gtalk Video support, for example this one: Pidgin 2.6 Adds Google Talk Video and Voice Support

Wow :slight_smile: this has opened my eyes. Thanks. I see that option in my pidgin although I haven’t tested it yet. Basically I don’t recall doing anything special to enable it. My pidgin version is 2.7.10. Here’s a screenshot in polish :
SUSE Paste

Though it’s not visible on the screen shot that’s a google talk contact.

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