video graphics options

I don’t see an option to edit video cards in yast. I’m trying to get multiple screens but cant get to it. What should I do. Thanks for the help.

Welcome aslantek87. The tools for doing this actually depend on the video drivers in use, and the desktop environment.

For KDE: System Settings >> Display and Monitor

I’m not a Gnome user, but AFAIK there is the ‘gnome-display-properties’ applet. It should be available from one of the config menus.

If you’re using proprietary drivers, then there are proprietary config tools to assist. For example, nvidia uses the ‘nvidia-settings’ utility.

If you still have problems after this, please post your graphics hardware details, and desktop environment.

/sbin/lspci -nnk

(Just the lines pertaining to your graphics card)

This command will show you what display devices are detected/connected:


and can also be used to dynamically re-configure your display devices (if using open-source drivers).