video glitch on libreoffice calc, print dialog remain on the top

Hi, on my laptop (TUXEDO InfinityBook Pro 15 v4, ssd disk=2Tb, /home EXT3 partition=58Gb, processor= Intel Core i7-8565U, RAM=32Gb, graphics card Model: “Intel UHD Graphics 620 (Whiskey Lake)” with tri boot leap 15.1, leap 15.2, windows 10)
running KDE 5.22.1 and using libreoffice after the last update I tried to print from a calc sheet, the printing went ok but the print dialog remain on the screen as in the picture
the printing dialog is only a ghost, I can operate through it on calc sheet and if I minimize calc it remain on the top but if I click on the opened window (in this case chrome browser, but probably it disappear becouse the opened windows goes on the top) it disappear, but it remain on the top of the desktop and doesn’t disappear, it remain there also if I closa calc, and it remain only in the virtual desktop where I start calc.
how can I get rid of this print window??