video drivers

hi, where can i see and manage the video drivers i am using?

There really isn’t a way to “manage” per se, or any need usually. From a GUI terminal:

inxi -Gzy

will report drivers both in use and which are unloaded and/or optional for your GPU, if you’re using an inxi version newer than 3.1.0 that TW repos provide (leave off the y if it gives an error and you can’t be bothered to upgrade). If it’s reporting Haswell and not NVidia, you may be running the X DDX driver “intel”, provided by package xf86-video-intel, which upstream is optional. You might be better off uninstalling it and consequently using the (upstream default) DDX “modesetting”. There’s not really any good way to tell which is better for you other than trying both. xf86-video-intel hasn’t had an official release in over 6 years. There is a primer here about X drivers.