Video driver installation?

Hello all,

I don’t know if I’m in the correct forum for this, but how would I install a proprietary video driver from any manufacturer in Leap 42.3?

Which one do you need?
Please post:

/sbin/lspci -nnk | grep -EiA3 'vga|3d|display'

I haven’t decided on any particular video card yet. I’m shopping around for the most appropriate card for the job.

Also, I’ll be using an AM4 Gigabyte system board without an on-board video.

Mr. Sauerland,

That code post you have requested would give you parameters on this system which I do not intend to use. My thread is regarding other systems.

You seem to think that Video Card manufacturers are providing drivers for their products fit for usage in Linux. Thus is (unfortunately) not the case.

And for each manufacturer and often even for different classes of devices from the same manufacturer there are different driver solutions. Some may be available on the standard repos (and will be installed automatic with the system installation). Others will only have basic drivers in this way and you might then install a better driver later. Many rather individual solutions and thus no general answer to your question is possible. And thus also the question above on what you have.

build-in intel devices (all new intel cpu’s have come with a gpu) don’t need an extra driver as that’s usually handeled by the kernel
amd devices have a good opensource radeon driver which will be installed if you have an amd device
the propitiatory amdgpu-pro driver is currently available for LEAP 42.3 and not for TW or LEAP 15.0
there is an opensource driver for nvidia devices but that one has some issues regarding video acceleration (you need to manually enable it) and 3d acceleration on plasma 5 desktop
there is a good propitiatory nvidia driver for opensuse provided by nvidia see the opensuse nvidia wiki for more info

Thank you for the response, hcv v, and for your wise insight. However, I am aware that most manufacturers do not provide drivers for Linux systems. Am I to think that “Add-on products” in yast will not install third party drivers? If I design a system without on board video can I be assured the openSUSE drivers will be appropriate for the chosen video card?

Thank you, I_A, for your input. I will be using an AMD cpu and a Gigabyte system board. I’m hoping to see good rendering from either Nvidia or Radeon, whichever I choose. There have been poor results in the past at installing a PCI bus video card in a Leap 42.3 system. This is for a client and it must perform well.

Note some AMD CPUs also have a GPU. I always look for a CPU without GPU so no chance of any interference with the NVIDIA card I install. Had good luck with AMD black FX Edition series. The new Ryzen CPUs may have issues depending on the Kernel used but have no direct experience…

Yes, I was thinking of the FX series AMD CPU’s as well. The FX-6350 would fit this job very well. Also, the Ryzen 5 looks good too. The last PCI based video card I installed displayed slow rendering with pixelation. I’m hoping for better performance this time.


What can I tell you from my experience:
I have a Ryzen 5. Very good CPU.
I had a Nvidia video card that I replaced with an AMD GPU.
Nvidia - I used only proprietary driver. Very good driver, no problems at all (e.g flickering ).
AMD - with amdgpu I have a lot of problems.

Thank you for your advice. Your contribution to the discussion is valued.

You are welcome.