video driver during installation

I have been trying to install openSUSE 12.3 on my computer and the installation screen is impossible to read - obviously the video driver is incorrect. The computer is an HP All-in-One 200-5220a and the video is NVIDIA GeForce G210. *

Since I cannot read the installation screen, I cannot continue with the installation as I don’t want to install to the wrong partition.

I have installed an earlier version of openSUSE on this computer as a trial about 15 months ago without any problems.

How can I read the screen to complete the installation and, if I succeed in installing, will the correct video drivers be available to me.

Hope someone can help me



I think the menu screen has a function you can use for “NoKMS”. Try that, and see if it gives better results (i.e. at least readable).

Once you get everything installed, you might need to install the nvidia proprietary driver for your card, to get the best results.

Thanks for your help - I tried “NoKMS” and managed to get they system installed. When I rebooted it used a default video setup of 640 * 480. This meant that most windows streched off the screen and were unusable.

In Ubuntu I used a command sudo apt-get install nvidia-current but I can find nothing like this in openSUSE

I think I will give up. But I am sure other people manage to get it going

See here for how to install the nvidia driver in openSUSE:
SDB:NVIDIA drivers - openSUSE
You just have to click on the first 1-click install link there. Isn’t that even easier than typing that command?:wink: