Video disappears

Video in youtube disappears when I try to see it fullscreen. Happens everytime.

I’m using Firefox 3.6.6. What is wrong here?

Try hitting alt+tab. There’s a chance it could be behind your current open window (firefox).

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Nop. That doesn’t work. It just goes all-white again and I have to refresh the whole page all over again and watch it in regular size.

What else?

Does this happen for your desktop or laptop? If it happens for your desktop have you installed the correct drivers for your graphics card?

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I have been using ‘radeon’ driver in 11.3 for a few days and its working great for my desktop.

But then I decided to try the new 10.7 ATI driver and followed the sequence here

Everything went alright, until I get at “Loading the new build module”

modprobe -v fglrx

where it says

FATAL: Module fglrx not found

So I just reboot and now, X server is gone, and I’m in runlevel 3. What is wrong here?

Update : It works now after I installed the pre-build driver.