video conversion tool


I need to convert some of the formats (e.g., .flv, .DAT, .vob, .mkv, etc…) into .mp4 and / or .mp(e)g, so is there any graphical tool for that? I heard of ffmpeg, but that’s only command line and might be typical (a guess).

I hope that quality is not compensated in such type of conversions.


Not sure about all those formats
But take a look at Handbrake and Avidemux, both in Packman

Okay and please confirm if these have GUI?


Yes :smiley:

Thanks. :slight_smile:

Well I have installed the following applications:-


With time, I see how to convert the video from one to other desired format(s).


Don’t know your reasons for converting,
But I do know that all those formats are supported and can ve viewed in VLC(BTW - VLC has a conversion tool nowadays, so can probably do the conversions for you).

AFAIK those are fairly common formats, whether you actually convert or not only requires the proper codecs.


Well, there is no problem to view any such video in PC where I have openSUSE 11.4 but to see movies on a SAMSUNG flatron screen (having USB ports) i.e. on TV which doesn’t support .flv and some other formats.


Really didn’t know this, I try.


I know I’m resurrecting an old thread but didn’t see that you were successful. I have used Download helper, an addon for Firefox to convert files. It worked well for me and was pretty simple to use.

Since it’s revived anyway.

I would advise handbrake, its realy good, easy and cross platform.
Check it out handbrake

Spideroak free storage

Just had occasion to do some video transcoding,

In particular I needed to rotate videos taken in portrait mode from a smartphone to landscape mode to display on YouTube and Vimeo. Other options like converting to h.264 and progressive streaming were nice but not critical.

In the end, I couldn’t find a GUI transcoder that would do the rotation (what a surprise!), but I found that the CLI memcoder which is automatically a part of mplayer is very simple and easy to use. Also, rotate may not be the only option it has that GUI transcoders are missing, the available options are enormous.


I was trying to take a 3gp file recorded by my cellphone and convert it to an mp4. It was difficult to do it with ffmpeg because of syntax and obtuse help file. Handbrake did it easily with the gui, although, to my eye, at a little lower quality. I’m sure this is user error and not a program shortcoming. The other software mentioned did not work for this.

I usually use this video conversion tool to transfer videos between all popular formats. It can help you.

I have noticed that 3gp files are not good quality wise! I always either prefer to record in .avi or in .mp4; but that’s what I do!

In the past I used Avidemux. This only works if you don’t choose “Copy” for the codec:

For the “Video” selection, I clicked the “Filters” button
Then I clicked on the “Transform” selection
Then I double-clicked on “Rotate” - and select either 90, 180 or 270 degrees
Finally, I clicked File > Save Video (or something - it’s running right now, can’t verify exact wording) menu item

I’m trying it again now to be sure I remember this correctly, but it’ll take a little while. I’ll try to remember to reply again with the results.

Ok, it’s done, and it worked. I didn’t bother setting the video bit rate higher, could have looked better, but at least I know this is how I rotated a sideway camcorder clip I made long ago. P.S - sorry about the missing periods at the end of the sentences, I forgot to use the “code” tags, it all came out as a paragraph.