video config instability

My video config has been pretty stable for several years now, once the NVidia replacement drivers were finally working. However, in the last few weeks, something (auto-updating?) has been trashing the config and causing my cinerama setup to become clones. Since the Settings->configure-desktop->display-and-monitor shows broken outputs (vs. unified), it is a bit hazy to figure out that you have to click that toggle switch several times and press “Apply” a couple of times to fix it.

So the issues:

  1. updates should not go about changing my config

  2. it seems to be possible to have a discrepancy between what system settings thinks the configuration is and what the driver thinks. The driver usually wins.

I think the SuSE developers need some feedback. I’d file a bug, but I often pick the wrong area, so the bug sits for several years before being closed out.

You’ll probably have to be more detailed exactly what your custom configurations might be.

Currently, the user-mode configuration for display drivers you’ve likely been configuring is not only not default, it seems to be deprecated and in some cases may no longer be an option as kernel mode becomes completely reliable.

In other words,
It may be time to investigate how display driver configuration has changed, and modify what you’ve been doing.


In other words,
It may be time to investigate how display driver configuration has changed,
Every upgrade I ever do winds up being a full brand-new install largely accepting all defaults. My user account is new and I move over only my user space directories (plus .thunderbird/*.default). The rest I leave behind. “In other words”, my video configuration is as configured by default when I upgraded to “LEAP” back in March. How much configuration changing should there have been?

“Some time” you may need to re-configure just once.

Your original configuration was created when video drivers always ran in User space.
Then display drivers were released that modified the kernel but because this was still experimental, both kernel mode and user mode were supported.
As display drivers became more stable, they have been distributed through the mainline kernel, but user mode may still have been provided as an option.

I think that today display drivers have gotten almost all the most basic bugs out, so kernel mode should be the standard implementation without question. And because kernel mode has become so reliable, someone may be making a decision to deprecate User mode which means that at long last your configuration which was created a very long time ago when the video driver architecture was different may be disappearing… At the very least you should <try> how things are supposed to work today.