Video Card and or Motherboard issues

I got a new video card (Nvidia Galaxy Geforce 9500 gt) and 2 gigs of ram on black friday, and have been having some issues since installed. I would be doing something, playing wow, checking out facebook, anything, and i would randomly crash. Getting a blue screen which i never have time to figure out what it all means. I reverted to the old ram setup, and this still happened. So i put the 2 gigs back in and just dealt with it. Until today. I went and turned on my monitor, and it was on idle, the computer was on, i did everything i could to get it off idle… Nadda. So, i swaped out the new video card, thinking that was the issue, putting the old one in. (Nvidia Geforce 8600 G) I powered up, and still no picture from the getgo. So i was puzzled, turned it off, and put in the old ram config and powered on. Still nothing, swapped the cables from comp to monitor, still nothing. Swaped from dvi to vga cables, still nothing. So i finally tried the onboard vid card, i got picture, and that’s what im using right now. I’ve already checked if anything’s over heating, and it’s not. I am wondering if this is a motherboard issue then with my pcie slot or what. Please help. I am using a gateway gt5654 model, and all the parts it came with, aside from the power supply, the 2 gig ram that i put in, and the vid card of course it has a total of four gigs in it right now. Which is the mother board max. Came with three. Help is appreciated, ty.


Install the new graphics card, and then the nvidia driver.