Video and sound trouble

Whell sins I won’t have acses to windows for a cople days (I damaged the windows boot file) I need to get suse working properly.

Whel theres 2 problems, first and formost I’m forced to start in rescue mode because a graphics driver problem. I installed the ati driver and it cripled the system extrodinarily slow scowling and 2d performance.

2 My laptop has “4.1” speakers and the sound is only coming out of the bass speaker therfor it passes through a low pas filter.

msi gt735
ati hd3850
4gb ram
2ghz cpu

For your 4.1 sound system problem, I recommend you go to IRC chat channel ‘freenode’ #alsa and ask for help there. You may need to ask a dozen times at different times of the day to get the help you need.

I use the program “xchat” to access irc chat.