Video and Sound skipping

I am frustrated. I have 3 systems running opensuse. one notebook running 11.0 centrino 1.7 with 1.2g of ram and KDE 4.1 and I have 2 systems running 11.1 one is an old 1.2 athlon with 512mb of ram and the other is an athlon “barton” 2800+ “2.08Gz” with 1G of ram. Both systems are running the best hardware for there time ASUS Sound blaster ect.

All three systems have the same problem. MP3 and video skips bad. doesn’t mater if its local or over the network this isn’t an isolated problem it must have came up before. Most of the video I play is DVR_MS over the network with VLC but other video files including youtube has the same problem. I have a M$ MCE in my living room but I want to upgrade to a myth back-end in my office but this problem has me worried. If all my Linux systems are having the same problem I can’t afford to loose my media.

I know its not a network bandwidth issue because my notebook is wireless and the other systems are hardwired and they have exactly the same problem. Its not just VLC ether because kaffene dose the same thing playing a downloaded movie locally. I have searched the Internet for the last 3 months trying to solve this and cant come up with any answers. BTW everything plays fine in VM box running win XP. Because of this I know it can’t be a hardware problem.

Dose anyone have any ideas.

This is relay getting annoying.

I am trying to watch a movie recorded in DVR_MS and it skips like crazy. I have tried almost every setting in VLC and no luck, if anything some settings make it worse.

My CPU usage is around 50% and I have free memory while the video is playing.

I just don’t get it. I am using KDE 4 with desktop affects turned on but I don’t want to have to disable my desktop affects just to watch a movie. Because of my system stats I just don’t see that as the problem.

You know I think I might be on to something.

It seams to be skipping in the same spots. Not sure what this means.

Ok I have played around with the settings and have gotten video to play great when it is copied locally. Although it still skips when played over the network. DVR_MS still skips no matter what local or not but its worse when over the network.

So I have come to the conclusion that DVR_MS just does not play smooth in VLC thats no big deal because I am going to Myth at some point.

The problem is though when copying a file to play locally my transfer rate is around 6000k/s but when playing with VLC its only around 2000k/s I believe that VLC could copy the file faster and not skip. Is there any way to achieve this.