Video and audio playback stop working after waking PC from standby

Hi there,

I use Brave as my browser and when I was playing a YouTube video. When I woke the PC from Standby, the video won’t play- no video or audio playback. I had to restart the PC and it worked again. Grateful for your input.

I normally watch youtube videos with either “firefox” or “konqueror”. And I notice that both of those block automatic going into standby while the video is playing.

I’m using KDE for desktop environment. I don’t know how other desktops handle this.

Recently, my display went into power savings mode while “amarok” was playing music. And I lost sound until I rebooted. I’ve now switched from “amarok” to using “elisa”, because “elisa” blocks this from happening while it is playing.

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@nrickert Thanks for your input, so is it possible to disable automatic going into standby for Brave as well?

I just unchecked the Pause Media Players when suspending. Perhaps this will do it. It’s under Advanced Power Settings

I don’t know. I have not been using brave.

If you are using KDE, you can click on the “Power Management” icon in the tray (it is probably hidden), and there’s a check box for “Manually block sleep and screen locking”. You could check that box before watching a video, and uncheck afterwards.

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Got it, thank you. :+1: