viber error status_custom_error

How fixed this issue???

viber error status_custom_error

What package makes this error?
Where do you get it?
How do you install it?
How do you start it?

RPM packages
from official site
start witk click on viber icon…

I do not find an package named viber.

Please answer not so short, post the Url of the rpm, open the Programm in a terminal and post the Errors from there.

viber provides the rpm (or deb)
I’ve noticed that the secondary viber devices need to ping your primary phone (as viber uses your phone number for authentication and login)
this sounds like an internal viber warning, check and see if your phone is on and connected to the internet and retry running viber
I think there is a limited time window viber can run from a pc/tablet between phone logons and choose a RPM…

I’ve been wanting to try viber on linux
I’ll install it and see if I have any issues
I have installed it on an android tablet that has no sim card or number and it needs access to your smart phone to be activated
more info latter

i have installed,but can’t activate desktop version…cannot communication beetwen computer and phone

how did you install it when viber wants an old library the current provided by opensuse is
that’s the reason I didn’t install it
you can try and install libcrypto37 and then make a symlink

zypper in libcrypto37

I’ll try a symlink and report back

I got it working without installing the extra libcrypto37
just link /lib64/ to /usr/lib64/

ln -s /lib64/ /usr/lib64/

then install viber ignoring the missing dependency (I’m not sure why it showed up maybe because it was a symbolic link)

zypper in viber.rpm

start viber from the menu launcher or the terminal by doing


link the desktop app with your phone with the provided QR code and this is what you get

Nope, that is not the reason why rpm still complains about a missing dependency (and rightly does so). Even if you had copied to rpm would complain.

When installing a package, rpm will look in the system’s RPM database if all requirements are satisfied and your manual change will not show up there.

Consider your symlink a “software” which has been installed manually (like some program you installed via “./configure && make && make install”) which will also not show up in your package manager.

Looks like this RPM was built for RH/Fedora

“Compatibility version of the OpenSSL library”

If the “normal” is “compatible enough” for this program, the symlink will work, otherwise some strange behavior would be expected.

But as in most cases this “strange behavior” would be the program refusing to start with an error message “missing/wrong symbol $WHATEVER in $LIBRARY” it seems you were lucky this time.


I just had a quick look at the respective packages from Fedora to see what they really are.

So in a nutshell, these are the libraries for openSSL-1.0.x which have been renamed as Fedora already uses openSSL-1.1 and there are some programs not compatible with that newer version. That’s why your symlink worked (and why linking to libcrypto37 most likely will not work).

Just a little “nit-picking” here, if you are working around the problem by symlinking, please do not do it like this

ln -sf /lib64/ /lib64/

as you are creating a link in a directory which should only be used by files from RPM packages.

The moment openSUSE will implement something similar to what Fedora did this might be calling for trouble. If some day in the future there were a package containing “/lib64/” installing via RPM (or zypper) might fail due to a symlink RPM does not know anything about.

As with all other software not being installed via package manager always use “/usr/local” for such files, so my first try would be

ln -sf /lib64/ /usr/local/lib64/


and if that does not work try

ln -sf /lib64/ /usr/local/lib/



paulparker@linux-6h2a:~> locate
paulparker@linux-6h2a:~> sudo ln -sf /lib64/ /usr/local/lib64/
paulparker@linux-6h2a:~> sudo ldconfig
paulparker@linux-6h2a:~> sudo ln -sf /lib64/ /usr/local/lib/
paulparker@linux-6h2a:~> sudo ldconfig
paulparker@linux-6h2a:~> locate

paulparker@linux-6h2a:~> sudo find /  -name '.snapshots' -prune -o -print | grep -i ''/usr/local/lib/
find: ‘/run/user/1503/gvfs’: Permission denied
paulparker@linux-6h2a:~> sudo zypper in Downloads/viber.rpm
Loading repository data...
Reading installed packages...
Resolving package dependencies...

**Problem: nothing provides needed by viber-**
 Solution 1: do not install viber-
 Solution 2: break viber- by ignoring some of its dependencies

Choose from above solutions by number or cancel [1/2/c] (c): c

Puzzled, any ideas ?


did you link /lib64/ to /usr/local/lib64/

ln -s /lib64/ /usr/local/lib64/

if so you can ignore the warning I didn’t link in /usr/local/lib64 but in /usr/lib64 and had no issues