VIA graphics driver on Mini Note 2133

I was wondering if someone could help me get a VIA driver working properly on my Mini Note. The unichrome driver does not work at all I get a black screen with a blinking cursor and openchrome from the build system installs but has different glitches under each desktop manager.

Under KDE with openchrome the task bar is suddenly 2 inches shorter and does not go the length of the bottom of the screen. Also I get huge fonts but I found out a fix for that by setting “force DPI to 96 or 120”

Under Gnome it appears to work fine until you try and shutdown or reboot and it hangs with the screen filled with multi coloured squares.

LXDE seems to be the least effected. I just get the huge font issue but since there is not configure desktop section like under KDE I have no idea how to alter the DPI setting under LXDE. I have not been able to find much help using google. Does anyone have any suggestions?

I have been considering sticking with the default driver under LXDE (which works best on my system for performance) and waiting till 11.4 is released. But if anyone knows how to get it sorted let me know.

Did you read this
openSUSE Graphic Card Practical Theory Guide for Users

That does look familiar. I did miss the bit about the chrome9/VIA driver. Maybe that one will work better then openchrome.

There are some VIA users here, but it’s not me.
Just trying to point you in the right direction

hmm. chrome9 or via comes up empty in build service. :frowning: