VGA out image offset downward

I seem to have had this problem in kubutu as well, but my screen’s image is offset downwards, such that I can barely see the bottom “task bar”.
I haven’t been able to find any resolutions to this problem, except that the refresh rate might be wrong. Unfortunately, the “Display” program only gives me two options – 60Hz, and Auto. Neither work.

Are you using a CRT or LCD monitor? (This type of ‘overscan’ is normally only applicable to the former).

Also, does your monitor have a “AUTO” button on it’s panel? It’s used to automagically adjust things like Vpos, Hfreq and such.

I’m using an LCD tv, and this issue didn’t occur last time I had openSuse installed (on the same laptop)
There is no auto configuration option on my tv, and I do not have this problem under windows.

Well this problem still looks like a monitor issue to me.

  1. Boot up in failsafe mode. Does the same problem exist?

  2. Post the model of your monitor and type of connection being used.

  3. Type ‘xrandr’ in a console to get the display modes available. Try changing to the next lowest, For example, if 1024x768 is the next lowest, you would type

xrandr -s 1024x768

Is the same overscan present? Or is the desktop correctly sizes now.

At 1024x768, the image looks fine. The computer boots into 1024x786 by default.
That image looks fuzzy on my screen, though, and I’m using a VGA connection.

What is the brand and model of you monitor? With problems like this its a good idea to post as much relevant hardware info right from the OP. Otherwise it gets to be like wading through mud :slight_smile:

At 1024x768, the image looks fine.

Thought this might be the case.

The computer boots into 1024x786 by default. That image looks fuzzy on my screen, though, and I’m using a VGA connection.

You mentioned the same resolution twice. Can you please clarify? I would expect that 1024x768 to look a little fuzzy, since its not the native resolution of your monitor.

What tool do you use to change the resolution? What graphics card are you using? (ATI, NVIDIA, INTEL,…) Driver? For these last two questions, you could type

cat var/log/Xorg.0.log

It will be a long output, so generally a good idea to cut and paste it to SUSE Paste

Just post the link to it here.

Sorry about that, I meant that the image at 1024x768 is not offset, it is aligned properly, but it does look fuzzy.

I have a Dynex DX-L32-10A LCD tv. As I mentioned before, I had openSuse installed on this laptop previously and did not have the same problem (that I can recall…)

My laptop uses optimus (unfortunately), so I have both Nvidia and Intel cards inside, but the nvidia card is never used.
Do you need the actual driver information? At the moment, I’m not on that laptop.

In addition to that information, the native refresh rate (as listed on the back of the TV) is 60HZ, which is the value listed in the size & orientation dialog, which is also the tool I’m using to switch the resolutions.

I’ve tried xvidtune (as I saw a post online that said that might be able to fix the problem), but xvidtune returns an error saying the modeline selected isn’t supported by my card.

I have a Dynex DX-L32-10A LCD tv.

As I suspected, this will definitely be due to over-scan (or some zoom mode) being turned on. This is common with monitor/tv LCD units. I found numerous references to overscan while googling for more info about this monitor. For example:

Dynex User Manaul

Question - Dynex 1080p LCD Viewing Area - AVS Forum

Just a guess, but maybe you have a ‘zoom’ button on your remote that has unintentionally set some unwanted picture mode…