VGA Drivers mesed up - booting to black screen

Hi guys.
I’m quite new to Linux and stuff, so please bear with me. I am struggling with the following issue: a familiar, former engineering professor asked me to setup internet connection, VPN, his network printer and stuff like that on his recently purchased notebook (Acer Aspire E17, Core i5, Geforxe 940mx). He already had another former colleague install LEAP 42.2 on it. So far, although I don’t have that much experience on Linux systems, that would not have been a problem. But when I booted the machine, i was experiencing an extremely slow startup and GUI (moving a window for example was really stuttering). So i assumed VGA driver wasn’t installed, googled up the latest Nvidia driver and installed it. Didn’t change anything, so I did a little research and found out I need a specific, Optimus capable driver (Bumblebee) in order to get it working properly.

So I uninstalled the first driver (following this guide ), but due to my lack of experience I probably did it wrong. Now i can’t boot into GUI, but still access the terminal. Recovery mode (don’t now if it’s the right word as I’m using the german version) doesn’t work either, I just get a black screen. I did a lot of research (like easily 10hrs now), but it gets more and more confusing for me, especially because nothing seems to work. I don’t now exactly, but something with xserver and/or noveau is messed up I think. Another point is, this weird machine doesn’t have an ethernet port, so I don’t now how to install anything without accessing the internet, as most guides or instructions refer to commandlines which contain URLs. It has become really frustrating, and I slowly start getting desperated. So any help would be appreciated!

Thanks in advance

You can run yast from the command line just type yast as root to install bumblebee stuff

You may need too use wired Internet rather then WiFi depending on how you set up NetworkManager