Very strange behavior when trying to read DVD's

(OpenSuse13.1, x86_64. KDE 4.13.2). I don’t know if this is the right forum.

Early this morning when I was to look after some old documents on DVD my PC went nuts. Home burned ones as well as factory made ones. Reporting ~1-228Kb only and very strange windows in Dolphin file manager (same in a Konsole/MC)…

Reading CD’s was working. Aha! HW-error I thought but my PC was booting nice with a home burned 13.1 DVD.

Booted again and run a zypper dup -> rebooted. And working. My question is have anyone else seen this or was it a temporary hiccup? Or have I a “evil ghost” in my PC? Half joking, half not.


This has happened to me before as well.
Usually it’s the result of not umount’ing the drive before replacing the disc with a different one.

It can be fixed with a simple umount /mnt/dvdrom(or whatever your mountpoint or device is).