VERY slow software installation


Trying Suse after several years spent with Ubuntu: have been a bit disappointed with the speed of downloads from the repositories.
Having installed various apps including thunderbird, gimp and amarok via Yast, I’m getting average speeds of 5-7kB/s.
My internet connection does not appear to be fault, because I can download from other sources (files etc) fine.
Is this a known problem with Suse? I had read downloads were slow but I’ve seen a lot on the net about the situation having been remedied by Suse 11
While I like what I’ve seen of Suse, I’ll have to switch back to Ubuntu or some other distro with better speeds if I can’t remedy this.
Any ideas, anyone?



I’m guessing this may be an IPv6 issue. Have a look at

YaST > Network Devices > Network Settings

In particular, check ‘Global Options’ tab and make sure IPv6 is not enabled.

BTW, you can also tweak firefox to do the same:

Disable IPv6 for Firefox - openSUSE

If this is not the problem, then you will need to look at your repos, and possibly look at alternative mirrors. This is quite a common problem (depending on your locality).

Sounds like your system is being re-directed to a slow mirror or you
need to disable IPV6 system wide via YaST Network Devices?

Have a look here and pick a mirror that is close to you and add
those via YaST Software Repositories and disable the ones.


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Thanks for your advice,

Will have a look at that and see whether I can fix it. As mentioned, there seems to be a lot to like about suse otherwise so I wouldn’t want to ditch it.